Aidyn Mancenido is an artist and anthropologist. Through mixed media, she uses her research based art practice to investigate and experiment with cross-cultural encounters with others and within herself.


Anthropology devotes itself to the opulence and intimacies of cross-cultural encounters. In that space of encounter with difference and discoveries of similitude, we attempt to find a language through which we can commingle adroitly, and peruse and borrow from others’ stacks of knowledge. Aidyn uses a broad repertoire of artistic practices, including movement, sound, and text, to explore this space. She foregoes conventional hierarchies. For it is the convention that leaves experience static and oppressive.


If I am to know you, and we are to know each other, how can we engage with difference so that soft and generative fabrics of insight remain for our children to imaginatively weave into new structures?


Aidyn has worked with various marginalized communities whose histories and presents have been silenced, erased and/or fractured, including the Roma in Granada, Spain, undocumented domestic workers in Madrid, and women along various intersectional lines in the U.S. Her own otherness also makes itself known and begs reparation and reassertion through artistic means. She re-encounters and makes space for the Others within herself, including her female body, her brown body and her circuitous mind.

Aidyn received her PhD in cultural anthropology from the University of Virginia, and most recently an MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago. In addition to making and exhibiting art, her professional work includes teaching at the University of Virginia and consulting in the areas of gender and sexuality, race, migration, creative activism, and experimental ethnography. She is based in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Contact: aidynm@gmail.com